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Deep-diveView Maintenance: A New Approach to Data Processing

It’s with a great deal of excitement, and some trepidation, that we are now able to show off what we have been working on at Materialize. The Materialize product is a “streaming data warehouse”, which is a class of product you might not be familiar with as, to the best of our knowledge, there wasn’t […]

NewsMaterialize Beta: The Details

We recently announced Materialize, the Streaming Data Warehouse. Our first beta release of Materialize, version 0.1, is available now. As a streaming data warehouse, Materialize lets you ask questions of your streaming data and get the latest answers back in milliseconds — offering the power and flexibility of a SQL data warehouse for real-time data. […]

NewsIntroducing Materialize: the Streaming Data Warehouse

Databases, and data infrastructure generally, have made substantial progress over the years. We now have access to cloud-native infrastructure that allows just about anyone to set up, maintain, and query databases at substantial scale. This is a serious departure from the monolithic software of years past, where getting access to a database involved multiple people […]

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