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What is Materialize Cloud?

Materialize Cloud is in beta and is not subject to Materialize's backwards compatibility guarantee.

Materialize Cloud hosts and maintains Materialize deployments for you, automating administration tasks like hardware provisioning, database setup, upgrades, and backups. You can sign up for an account in less than 30 seconds and try out Materialize with your own streaming and historical data sources.

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Trial period

You can use Materialize Cloud for free during a limited trial period. Once this period is over, you’ll have the option to upgrade to an enterprise account. For more information on hardware provisioning and account limits, see Account Limits.

We recommend that you get started in development or testing environments, and do not rely on the beta version for handling production workloads just yet. Feedback, bug reports, and feature requests are much appreciated as we work on improving and refining the product!

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