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Account Limits

Materialize Cloud is in beta and is not subject to Materialize's backwards compatibility guarantee.

Materialize Cloud offers five deployment sizes with increasing processing and memory capacities. The XS and S sizes are available for free during a limited trial period, with larger capacity available for enterprise accounts.

The trial period lasts for 30 days or until you max out the available resources (whichever comes first), and is limited to two deployments. Once the trial expires, your account and deployments may be deleted within 14 days, unless you have upgraded to an enterprise account.

Materialize Cloud specifications

For now, Materialize Cloud is only available on AWS within the us-east-1 region. We are working on expanding this availability to additional cloud providers and regions soon.

Deployment Size CPUs RAM
XS 4vCPUs 32GB
S 8vCPUs 64GB
M 16vCPUs 128GB
L 32vCPUs 256GB
XL 64vCPUs 512GB

If you need a larger deployment size for your specific use case, get in touch with us.

Cloud vs. self-managed

For the most part, Materialize Cloud offers the same functionality as the self-managed version. The major exceptions to be aware of are:


Materialize Cloud doesn’t support using local files as sources; you can otherwise use any other combination of source type and format:

Sources Materialize Cloud Materialize
Kafka Yes Yes
Kinesis Yes Yes
S3 Yes Yes
PubNub Yes Yes
Local Files No Yes
Postgres Yes Yes

Session termination

We reserve the right to terminate a session in your Cloud deployment. This may happen after prolonged inactivity or in the event of planned maintenance work on Materialize Cloud, and doesn’t affect catalog items (which are persisted across sessions).

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