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Cloud deployments

Materialize Cloud is in beta and is not subject to Materialize's backwards compatibility guarantee.

The Deployments page is your Materialize Cloud dashboard. You can use it to:


The Details card shows you basic information about your deployment:

You can change the deployment name or size by clicking Edit.


The Connect card lets you download the TLS certificates you need for connection. It also displays customized connection strings for psql and a customized configuration instructions for some common third-party monitoring tools.


The Integrations card enables or disables supported integrations. Right now, that’s just the Tailscale VPN for secure connections, but we’re working on an integration with Datadog for analytics.


The Metrics card shows memory and CPU utilization for different ranges of time, and offers access to logs. You can use these to determine whether to change your deployment size, or to troubleshoot problems.

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