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WARNING! Materialize Cloud is still in alpha. You may experience unexpected downtime, data loss, or reset sources and views as we upgrade the infrastructure and add new features.

If you're interested in trying out Materialize Cloud, let us know.

Once you’ve created a deployment, you’ll need to install TLS certificates on your local machine to connect. You can obtain these on the Deployments page.

  1. Click the Connect button in the same row as the deployment.

  2. Click Download certificates.

  3. Unzip the certificate package.

  4. To connect to the deployment with the psql command-line tool, copy the command from the connection dialog and run it from the directory that contains the certificates.

    The sample code below will not work unless you substitute your real hostname.

    psql "postgresql://materialize@hostname:6875materialize?

    If you’ve just created the deployment, you may need to wait a minute or two before you’ll be able to connect.

Note: Right now, we only support one user per account. If you’d like multiple users to access your Cloud console, you’ll need to share the login. Alternatively, any user can connect to a Cloud deployment as long as you share your TLS certificates and your psql connection string.

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