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Manage a workspace

Materialize Cloud is in beta and is not subject to Materialize's backwards compatibility guarantee.

If you’re an administrative user, you can manage workspace details and security settings. To start, click on your profile icon and select Account Settings. Administrative options are under the Workspace heading.

Click the option you’d like to edit.

Account Details

You can add or edit the following for your workspace:


You can modify the following settings:

Setting Description
MFA Require multi-factor authentication for all users. If this is disabled, individuals may still opt to set up multi-factor authentication in their personal profile.
User Lockout The number of incorrect password attempts allowed before the user is locked out.
Password History The number of different passwords required before the user is allowed to reuse one.


You must configure the SSO settings before you can enable single sign-on. Currently, Materialize Cloud supports the following IDPs:

API Tokens

  1. Click Generate Token.

  2. Enter a token description and select a role.

  3. Copy the client ID and the secret key to a secure location. You will not be able to access the secret key again.

If you need to delete the token later, click the three dots menu () and select Delete API Token. You are asked to confirm before the deletion proceeds.

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