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Known Limitations

This document applies to Materialize v0.26.2.

The following links describe features that Materialize does not yet support, but plans to in future releases. If any of these issues impact you, feel free to let us know on the linked-to GitHub issue.





Common table expressions (CTEs)



Sources & sinks



File sources

None right now!

Regex formatting




Monitoring & debugging

Closed known limitations

The following issued used to be known limitations, but we’ve fixed them in the specified version.

Fixed in Known limitation
v0.8.3 Numeric precision is not always equivalent to PostgreSQL
v0.8.3 Numeric to float conversions are susceptible to floating point errors
v0.4.0 Column names generated in returned column set are not available to GROUP BY (#1673)
v0.3.0 JSON-encoded streams are not supported (#207)
v0.3.0 Connecting Kafka sinks back in as sources is not supported (#1665)
v0.3.0 Progress tracking for Kafka sinks is not supported (#1442)
v0.3.0 date_trunc for timestamp with time zone data (#1814)
v0.3.0 Special date, time, and timestamp values from PostgreSQL are not supported (#1805)
v0.3.0 Cannot cast from string to time-like types (#1378)
v0.3.0 Using a non-existent namespace does not result in an error (#1684)
v0.3.0 Connecting to Kafka brokers with SSL (client) authentication is not supported (#1785)
v0.3.0 Kafka sources with more than one partition are not supported (#2169)
v0.3.0 Formatting regular expression is not resurface-able through SHOW CREATE SOURCE (#1762)
v0.3.0 EXPLAIN DATAFLOW does not include details about ORDER BY and LIMIT (#477)
v0.2.1 Kinesis sources with more than one shard are not supported (#2222)
v0.2.0 CSV files with header rows are not supported (#1982)
v0.1.3 Intervals do not support addition or subtraction with other intervals (#1682)
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