dbt Coalesce 2021: Batch to Streaming in One Easy Step


January 14, 2022

About the Video

In this talk Arjun walks through how Materialize helps you build a SQL-first streaming pipeline with real-life examples of how Materialize users are building streaming pipelines in production with the very same dbt models they built for their batch data. Data Infrastructure Lead at Drizly, Emily Hawkins, makes a special guest appearance sharing her experience using Materialize + dbt to help solve for cart abandonment.

00:00 Intro
02:43 Defining Batch Processing
03:28 Defining Stream Processing
05:08 Spectrum of Use Cases
08:35 Existing Streaming Systems Don’t Support SQL
10:04 Streaming with Materialize
15:17 dbt + Materialize
17:09 Using Materialize in Drizly
24:18 Q&A