Programming Throwdown – Real-time Data Streaming with Frank McSherry

August 10, 2021

Programming Throwdown – Real-time Data Streaming with Frank McSherry image

About the Podcast

In this episode, Frank shares expert viewpoints drawn from his years as an academic, as well as personal insights on helping run a company at the cutting edge of real-time data streaming.

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Episode Highlights:

00:01:10 Working from home

00:05:15 Frank’s career beginnings: Grad School and MSR

00:11:52 PTO

00:14:06 Working in Europe

00:17:25 SPARK, Naiad and Dryad

00:18:45 Real-time data streaming, in context

00:23:15 Presto

00:25:18 Materialize

00:35:33 Ansi SQL

00:42:39 Origins of Materialize

00:48:30 Pitching to investors

00:55:11 Collaboration between academics and engineers

00:59:37 Materialize’s customer acquisition model

01:04:00 Kafka and Kinesis

01:07:33 “Like tail on steroids”

01:10:13 Materialize outside of Big Data

01:13:23 Ousterhout’s dichotomy

01:15:08 “Now there’s 15.”

01:16:22 What’s it like working at Materialize?

01:18:27 Company offsites

01:23:34 Career opportunities at Materialize

01:27:38 Advice for budding database engineers

01:29:47 SQL learning recommendations


Featured speakers

Frank McSherry

Chief Scientist