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Quickly build with streaming analytics using standard SQL. Save development time and simplify your data stack.

Make your Analytics Real-Time…

Realtime Dashboards

Streaming Business Intelligence

Realtime Dashboards

Connect to Materialize and build your own real-time analytics, custom visualizations, and in-application dashboards – updated in milliseconds, not once a day. Reduce traffic load from application databases or business warehouses, or present dynamically updated dashboards to end-users. ANSI-standard SQL enables faster iteration cycles and knowledge sharing and creation of dashboards to users across the entire organization.

Streaming Business Intelligence

Out-of-the-box business intelligence tools are powered by SQL – same as Materialize. Easily connect your preferred BI toolset to Materialize and see your data refresh in real-time, not overnight. Materialize supports the TPC-H benchmark for SQL, which was specifically designed to test the kinds of broad-based, complex queries that are auto-generated by BI tools. Get up and running in no time.

...Then Put Your Data To Work

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Build real-time alerts and notification services on high-volume, rapidly changing events with sub-second latencies. 

Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Rapidly detect fraud patterns and activity in real-time, monitor network health, and build live risk models with join-heavy financial data. 

Logistics and IoT Management

Optimize your just-in-time supply chain and analyze sensor and equipment data for a broad range of logistics use cases. 

Event-Driven Features

Accelerate your product roadmap, build streaming microservices, and develop event-based applications with just a few lines of SQL. 

Personalized Customer Experiences

Combine multiple sources of customer data for a 360-degree view of the customer journey across all channels. 

Predictive Machine Learning

Establish and refine predictive models and power your feature store with real-time, continuously updated data. 

Learn More with Materialize Demos

Connect to Business Intelligence Tools

In this demo, we’ll take the role of a business that has a transactional workload running against our servers. To support the business’ goals, we’ll stand up a BI tool to perform analytic-style queries over that transactional data.

Materialize for Live Insights

Materialize offers the chance to extract and query data from your logs. In this demo, we’ll look at parsing server logs for a mock e-commerce site, and extract some business insights from them.

Create a Streaming Data App

Microservices, at their best, are services that represent some conceptually small unit of work in a pipeline—maybe provisioning some new resources, or performing a transformation. In this demo, we’ll take the role of a VM provider, and build a microservice to produce our customers’ billing data.

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