Webinar: Streaming data with dbt + Materialize

Get a hands-on demonstration of the new Materialize dbt Adapter.

In this Materialize tech demo, we’ll walk through an example of using the new Materialize dbt adapter to create real-time materialized views on streams of fast-changing data.

Time and Date

Tuesday, April 20th at 11:30 am ET


  • Quick intro to Materialize and dbt
  • Demonstration of using the Materialize dbt Adapter
  • Q&A

Who should attend

If you’re already a user of dbt, this will give you a first look at using Materialize to add real-time capabilities to your data pipeline. If you’re already a user of Materialize, dbt gives you an amazingly useful data modeling layer that allows you to test, document and version-control your materialized views. If you’re not familiar with either tool, this is a great first introduction to building real-time capabilities in a data engineering context.

About the Presenter

Jessica Laughlin

Member of Technical Staff

Jessica joined Materialize as the fifth engineer, coming from Goldman Sachs and Bluecore. She’s focused on building out the Materialize ecosystem.