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Materialize Community

Available as a free download, Materialize Community lets you:

  • Run PostgreSQL queries over your streams with millisecond latencies
  • View – and contribute to – the source on GitHub
  • Community support on GitHub

Materialize Community is available free forever on a single node – for as many separate installations as you want.

Materialize Community is licensed under the BSL 1.1, converting to the open-source Apache 2.0 license after four years.

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Materialize Cloud

Available as a fully-managed service, Materialize Cloud has:

  • High Availability via active-active replication
  • Fully managed and upgraded cloud service
  • Get support for your needs up to 24×7

Materialize Cloud warehouses streaming data on tiered storage, allowing SQL querying over both historical and real-time data.

Materialize Cloud is currently in early access with a select few design partners. Sign up to the waitlist to be in the next cohort of partners!

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