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Kepler Cheuvreux & Materialize

Learn how Materialize collaborated with financial services company Kepler Cheuvreux to help address their challenges real-time data processing and building live dashboards on streaming data. 


Materialize Raises a Series B

We’ve raised over $40m to build the future of streaming data.



Watch our on-demand webinars showcasing a wide range of Materialize functionalities from a basic Materialize introduction to a deep-dive Materialize in production video.


Materialize: An Overview

Read our whitepaper on how Materialize provides a source-available platform for processing streaming data.


Materialize 0.8

We recently released Materialize 0.8!  Here’s what’s new and improved.


Live Maintained Views on Boston Transit to Run at Home

Materialize can be used to quickly build scalable backends for real-time apps! In this blog post, we describe two apps that you can try out at home that run on actual, live data.

Developing streaming data applications can be as simple as writing SQL.

Ingest Data Sources

Materialize connects directly to event stream processors (like Kafka) – without any preprocessing of streams required.

Create Live Materialized Views

Materialize exposes each selected topic as a table that can be queried and delivers low-latency, correct answers, even as the underlying data changes.

Query in Standard SQL

No “inspired by SQL” half-broken query languages. Materialize supports queries in PostgreSQL, including support for complex, multi-way joins.

Build Real-Time Applications

Use the Postgres CLI or your favorite database adapter to build interactive dashboards, internal tools, and real-time applications with millisecond latency.

Simplify the Streaming Data Stack

Replace complex microservices with SQL queries. Manage multiple-way joins across disparate data sources.

Reduce Time to Market

Build streaming applications without additional engineering resources. Materialize uses standard SQL for rapid application development.

Improve Computation Latency

Blazing fast incremental updates on materialized views. Answers are correct - not just eventually consistent.

Execute streaming SQL Joins

Joins are a core requirement for business intelligence and data exploration. However, many streaming solutions require the denormalization of data in order to maintain low latency – thereby prohibiting any kind of data enrichment.

By contrast, Materialize offers joins in a SQL interface – including complicated multiple-way (e.g. 6-way, 12-way) joins across disparate data sources.

…and the rest of SQL, too.

Materialize provides a single element in the most common programming language. We support the TPC-H benchmark – a standard built for industry-wide relevance, large data volumes, and high query complexity.

Lower the requirements on your data platform team and reuse skills from SQL-based batch data workloads.

Whitepaper: Materialize Overview

Materialize is a SQL platform for processing streaming data. It was launched in 2019 to address the growing need for the ability to build real-time applications easily and efficiently on streaming data so that businesses can obtain actionable intelligence from streaming data.

This whitepaper introduces Materialize as a source-available platform for processing streaming data. Materialize is built with SQL as the interface and with emphasis on comprehensive SQL surface area, correctness, and efficiency.

Read our Whitepaper →

Use Case
Real-Time Data Visualizations

Query streaming data sources in ANSI-standard SQL and establish real-time visualizations. Connect to Materialize through an off-the-shelf business intelligence tool or create your own in-application dashboards.

Use Case
Live alerts and notification services

Develop services downstream based on streaming event-based decisions – including alerts, real-time risk modeling for financial services, instantaneous fraud detection, and live revenue projection and billing.

Use Case
Streaming applications and customer data platforms

Move away from microservice development – and replace thousands of lines of Java with a few lines of SQL. Create dynamic audience segmentation tools for better, more personalized customer experiences.

Use Case
Automated services and machine learning

Build automated services downstream for immediate event-based actions. Establish and refine predictive models, machine learning programs, and automated processes.

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In-Browser Materialize Demo

Want to see Materialize in action? This in-browser interactive demo will let you ‘install’ Materialize, explore our API, and create a real-time stream within minutes.

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Connect to Business Intelligence Tools

In this demo, we’ll take the role of a business that has a transactional workload running against our servers. To support the business’ goals, we’ll stand up a BI tool to perform analytic-style queries over that transactional data.

See the demo
Materialize for Live Insights

Materialize offers the chance to extract and query data from your logs. In this demo, we’ll look at parsing server logs for a mock e-commerce site, and extract some business insights from them.

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Create a Streaming Data App

Microservices, at their best, are services that represent some conceptually small unit of work in a pipeline—maybe provisioning some new resources, or performing a transformation. In this demo, we’ll take the role of a VM provider, and build a microservice to produce our customers’ billing data.

Easily build a live application

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Materialize is source-available, free to download, and easy to install. We deliver incrementally-updated materialized views in ANSI Standard SQL.

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