A better database for Real-Time Analytics

Keep your SQL models and dbt workflow - Use a streaming database to run complex analytical transformations in real-time.

What if your data warehouse
was never out of date?

Insights can only move as fast as the data behind them. Access to real-time data means real-time decision making - whether it be in the form of an event-driven application, or a product leader making a call based on the current state of a metric.

With Timely Dataflow and Differential Dataflow, Materialize delivers support for real-time analytic workloads without sacrificing consistency guarantees. Teams can easily build analytical tests, operationalize reports and dashboards, and ensure insights are based on the most current data available.

Reference real-time analytics architecture using to SUBSCRIBE to changes to incrementally updated views.

What can you build with Materialize?

Dashboards and Business Intelligence

Materialize is PostgreSQL wire-compatible, enabling connection with BI tools like Looker, Metabase and more.

User-Facing Analytics

Query or subscribe to data in Materialize directly from customer-facing applications, without the need for complex caching.

Real-time data quality tests

Monitor your data pipelines as you would any other production system and get notified - in real-time - when data quality expectations fail. No need for an orchestrator to schedule data model runs.

Operational and IoT Reporting

Create live customer service dashboards, manage IoT device performance, and automate logistics-focused dashboards.

Use an engine purpose built for real-time analytics

“My warehouse is too slow - but real time is too expensive”

Get access to real time without rebuilding or rehiring: Materialize uses familiar database abstractions and ANSI-standard SQL.

“Our analytics are too join-heavy to move to real time”

Materialize efficiently handles complex SQL joins on streaming data.

“We don't want to take on the operational burden of Kafka”

No Kafka? No problem. Materialize connects directly to your Postgres DB via Change Data Capture (CDC).

“This is high-stakes data, we can't show incorrect results.”

Unlike other streaming solutions, Materialize is strongly consistent: Incomplete results are never served to the user.

“We’d like to keep our existing visualization tools”

Materialize is Postgres wire-compatible: Tools that connect to Postgres can connect and query Materialize.

“We already move Kafka data into our data warehouse”

Warehouses help you report on data, move the same SQL to Materialize to serve high concurrency, low latency data products.

Featured Customer Story

"With Materialize, we can write real-time SQL, the same way as we already are in Snowflake with batch while continuing to use dbt."

Emily Hawkins
Emily Hawkins Data Infrastructure Lead, Drizly
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Key Features

Incremental Materialized Views

Incremental Materialized Views

The power of materialized views - but always up-to-date

Easily Connect Kafka

Easily Connect Kafka

Easily manage streams from Kafka or Redpanda

Make Postgres Real-Time

Make Postgres Real-Time

Connect directly to any Postgres database via CDC.

dbt Integration

dbt Integration

Use dbt to model data and create real-time analytics

Full SQL - including joins

Full SQL - including joins

Full support for joins, subqueries, CTEs, inserts, and deletes.

Presents as Postgres

Presents as Postgres

Connect to the ecosystem of Postgres tools

SUBSCRIBE to updates

SUBSCRIBE to updates

Get updated results as data changes with query subscriptions.

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