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Reducing Monetary Fraud Losses by 60% at Ramp | Materialize

"Materialize democratizes the definition of streaming data transformations. The analytics engineers and risk ops team can define them in SQL. This means we can build a pipeline that’s a better fit for the business use case, and we can deliver it more quickly because it's a simpler interface to develop on and simpler to understand." - Ryan Delgado, Ramp

Operationalizing Real-time Data for Faster Time to Value at Pluralsight

Reducing Latency for Streaming Analytics at General Mills

Powering Real-time Loan Underwriting at Vontive

Reducing Monetary Fraud Losses by 60% at Ramp

Powering Real-time Operational Dashboards at Superscript

Real-Time Delivery Tracking UI in a single sprint at Onward

Receiving Complete and Always Up To Date Sensor Data at Density

Real-time computation, alerting, and actionable intelligence at Kepler Cheuvreux

Streamlined Staffing with Real-time Shift Planning at Maqqie

Cutting Streaming Development Time by 50% at SproutFi

Building Real-time Dashboards with a Lean Team at Unimarket

Quickly Building Real-time Application Development Processes at Datalot

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