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Help us simplify how developers interact with streaming data.

Help us build Materialize

Materialize is deployed on top of streaming message queues, like Apache Kafka, and allows users to specify arbitrary SQL views on top of their queues and query those views instantly. Stream processing software like Kafka has greatly improved the end-to-end latency of moving messages around in real time, but today there’s no good solution for making use of that data easily.

Materialize brings the user-facing simplicity of SQL views – for arbitrary SQL queries, not just a SQL-inspired minimal language – to the streaming data ecosystem.

Built in Rust

We are looking for seasoned Engineering generalists with extensive experience leading technical architecture and who are proficient in Rust, C++, Java, or functional programming languages. It’s vital to also have experience working with large data sets, distributed systems, and backend development, as well as an interest in developing software in Rust.

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