A better database for segmentation and personalization

Join multiple sources of real-time data and build a better customer experience - all using standard SQL.

Segmentation and Personalization

A 360° view of the customer that’s never out of date.

Customers expect a personalized experience every time they interact with an application. However, creating a full picture of a customer requires joining sources of data together - which has previously been performed in a batch-based data warehouse.

With Materialize, data teams can join multiple streams of data in real time for a full view of a customer, all using standard SQL. Timely Dataflow incrementally maintains the results of joined streams as a segment updates. Materialize offers an elegant solution to the problem of cache invalidation, eliminating the need to develop complex logic or stitch systems together.

Customer 360

Get a full view into how customers interact with your organization - across every touchpoint. Join multiple sources of data and ensure dashboards, customer service teams, and applications all run off the most up-to-date information.

Dynamic Pricing and Billing

Fraud and bot management models need to work immediately to detect and eliminate anomalous activity faster than they can adapt and exploit. Detect fraud on large datasets at extremely low latencies - and easily adjust models as needed in SQL.

App Customization and Promotions

Put your real-time segments to work - and create customized experiences or promotions across a range of applications like gaming, ecommerce, A/B tests, and marketing campaigns.

Content and Product Recommendations

Tailor recommended content or products with up-to-the-second customer data. Reduce cart abandonment, identify new sales opportunities - or simply stop promoting a product someone has already purchased.

Use an engine purpose built for real-time analytics

Materialize is built from the ground up to solve complex issues hindering adoption of streaming tools.

“Our customers expect a personalized experience”

Running customer segments off a data warehouse is too slow for modern expectations. Move the exact same SQL from your data warehouse to Materialize and get segments that update in real-time.

“Our application microservices are tough to maintain”

With Materialize, you can cut out the notion of scheduling and jobs for microservices. Instead, you simply send data to Materialize, describe its transformations with SQL, and read results on the other side.

“Cache invalidation requires a ton of logic to get right”

Materialize is purpose-built for fast changing data. Its underlying engines know exactly which records to update or invalidate, giving data teams the most up-to-date value without complex cache invalidation logic.

“We need to join many data sources for a full customer view”

Materialize supports cross-stream and multi-way joins, without the need to microbatch or round-trip data at high latencies. With strict serializability, you don’t need to give up correctness guarantees to use multiple data inputs.

“Our segments are too large to run efficiently in real-time”

Materialize is built for horizontal scaling and separates storage and compute. Data is durably stored in S3, while compute scales independently. Run replicated compute clusters to increase availability and reduce downtime.

“We want to use machine learning to improve our segments”

For teams looking to improve their recommendation engine over time, Materialize can also be used as a real-time online feature store, training and serving machine learning models without waiting for batches of data to arrive.

How Fintech Startup SproutFi uses Materialize to Power LATAM’s first Social Brokerage
Featured Customer Story

“With Materialize we don't have to worry about avoiding complex joins with streaming data; we just do them very easily.”

Tyler Richie
Tyler RichieCo-founder & CTO, SproutFi
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Key Features

Incremental Materialized Views

Incremental Materialized Views

The power of materialized views - but always up-to-date

Easily Connect Kafka

Easily Connect Kafka

Easily manage streams from Kafka or Redpanda

Make Postgres Real-Time

Make Postgres Real-Time

Connect directly to any Postgres database via CDC.

dbt Integration

dbt Integration

Use dbt to model data and create real-time analytics

Full SQL - including joins

Full SQL - including joins

Full support for joins, subqueries, CTEs, inserts, and deletes.

Presents as Postgres

Presents as Postgres

Connect to the ecosystem of Postgres tools

SUBSCRIBE to updates

SUBSCRIBE to updates

Get updated results as data changes with query subscriptions.

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