Next week, we’re celebrating our brand new partnership with Snowflake at the Data Cloud Summit. If you’re headed that direction, make sure to stop by booth 1311 for a magical demo, and join us on Wednesday evening for the Electric Data Carnival.

Partnering with Snowflake

Our newest partnership reflects what we see from our customers every day: data professionals love using SQL to handle everything from the simplest query to the most complicated enterprise problems. When Snowflake was founded, the future of SQL was very much in doubt, but the rapid adoption of the Data Cloud and the continued success of organizations in using SQL have cemented it’s place as the lengua franca of data. Most importantly, organizations that use Snowflake are able to achieve more with the team they already have, due in large part of the simplicity and accessibility of SQL.

Seeing this, Materialize was built from the beginning to fully embrace SQL, and extend the capabilities of data professionals who want to address operational use cases without the difficulty of custom solutions and microservices. Using a combination of Snowflake and Materialize, many organizations are already delivering a best-in-class result for their analytics, while using Materialize to address real-time operational use cases that were previously very challenging.

Celebrate with us at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit

We’re in a mood to celebrate our new partnership with Snowflake, and we’d love you to join us. Here’s where you can see us at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit:

See you there!

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