As businesses increasingly harness real-time data to power their operational workflows, building streaming applications that deliver fresh, responsive, and consistent results is more important than ever.

That’s why we’re excited about the announcement of Redpanda Serverless. Materialize currently supports all versions of Redpanda, including self-hosted and fully managed clusters in the cloud. Now, with the release of Redpanda Serverless in Limited Availability, combining Redpanda Serverless with Materialize’s operational data warehouse makes developing streaming data apps easier than ever before.

Accelerate your journey from zero to streaming

Materialize is the world’s first operational data warehouse in the cloud that powers your operational workflows by combining streaming data with the ease of SQL data access, all within a flexible data warehouse architecture.

Built on Timely and Differential Dataflow, these low-latency computational frameworks allow Materialize to deliver fresh, responsive, and consistent results the moment your data changes.

Redpanda is a streaming data platform that enables you to build and scale real-time apps. The platform is API-compatible with Kafka, and delivers higher throughput and 10x lower latency. This is a drop-in replacement for existing development pipelines and production deployments.

Now you can simplify building real-time apps by seamlessly integrating serverless Redpanda clusters with Materialize’s operational data warehouse. This empowers developers to explore more real-time use cases in their applications.

Unlocking the benefits of the integration

Materialize can process data from Redpanda like it does with Kafka, since Redpanda is Kafka API-compatible. Beyond serving as a streaming data source that is upstream to Materialize, you can also write data back out to Redpanda Serverless as a sink destination.

This combination helps you realize the following benefits:

  1. Operational simplicity: Both Redpanda Serverless and Materialize are self-contained and fully-managed in the cloud. There are no bits to deploy, infrastructure components to stand up, or cluster settings to configure. Developers can focus on building and exploring new streaming use cases without being constrained by platform administration overhead.

  2. Developer productivity: The ability to instantly spin a Redpanda Serverless cluster up and down as needed, along with access to a managed Kafka API service, vastly simplifies the developer experience. Combining that with a familiar SQL experience in Materialize makes powerful stream processing capabilities more accessible to data teams and software developers.

  3. Reduced costs: Both Redpanda Serverless and Materialize let developers pay solely for the resources they use. This eliminates the overestimation of compute and capacity requirements, and avoids unnecessary spend on unused resources.

Materialize + Redpanda Serverless: Experience the integration for yourself

Excited about the potential of a radically simpler way to build streaming applications? Sign up for a Materialize trial and learn more about Redpanda Serverless here!

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