Brand Guidelines

This page provides detail on how to use our logo marks.

Logo Collections

Download the files containing both the logomark and logotype versions in different color schemes in your preferred format:


Preferred for print and when logo size needs to be scaled.


Used in web applications where SVGs are not possible.

Logo Variants

See below for official Materialize logo variations and the guidance on where each can be used.

Two-Color (Default)

Use on standalone placement with white background - i.e. document headers.


Use on white backgrounds where there are other design elements and the green/purple would be too distracting - on a slide footer, for example.


Use for black and white printed assets only.


Use on dark backgrounds.


Materialize Colors are


Materialize brand purple is used in the following variations:

Accent Purple #7F4EFF

Logo Purple #472F85

Dark Purple #1B164C


Materialize brand green is used in the following variations:

Accent Green #13D461

Logo Green #5ae191


Materialize uses the following gradients in brand material:

Primary Gradient

Secondary Gradient

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