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Materialize + dbt + Redpanda Virtual Hack Day 2022

Feb 17, 2022

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About the Hack Day

We’re thrilled to share Materialize will be teaming up with our friends at dbt Labs and Redpanda for a full day of remote hacking fun! We’d love to have you join.

Come hang out with us and build a streaming project alongside folks from all over the world! We’ll help you get the inspiration flowing with a seed project and some ideas for real-time data sources.

Our goal is to encourage knowledge-sharing between our communities and give you a sense of what building streaming analytics pipelines with this stack looks like. It’s absolutely acceptable and even encouraged to join if you’re new to any or all of the three tools.

By the end of the day, you’ll have had the chance to learn more about using these three tools, built an interesting streaming analytics project you can show off later, and made some new friends along the way!

Event Details

  • We’ll present a sample project at the beginning of the event to be used as inspiration. One option for participation is to play around, extend, or completely modify it during hack day.

  • The format of the event will be a drop-in video and chat session (Zoom, YouTube, and Slack) and you can join for as little or as much as you’d like throughout the day.

  • During the event, share projects, experiments, or meaningful learnings in the official repo discussion topic.

  • Join the Materialize Community to follow along via chat!

Additional Information

  • Marta, Andy, Jessica, Andreas (Materialize), Amy, Bobby (dbt Labs), and Patrick (Redpanda) will be available throughout the day on Slack to answer any questions, bounce off ideas, and just chat

  • Attendees can win exclusive swag!

Event Date

Start Time: Thursday, February 17th ⋅ 12 pm EST

Location: You’ll receive details via email upon sign-up

*Note: This event has passed. Upon signing up, you will receive a link to the recording.


12-12:45 pm EST: Welcome & Agenda walkthrough! Joint “What is Materialize? What is Redpanda? What is dbt?” presentation

12:45-1:00 pm EST: Content Break – Intro Q\&A

1:00-1:45 pm EST: Materialize-led livestream walking through the dbt + Redpanda + Materialize sample project. Instructions shared on how to tweak the project to make it your own. Guidance and qualifications for earning swag announced.

1:45-2 pm EST: Content Break – Q\&A

2:00-2:15 pm EST: Livestream check-in – Showcase projects

2:15-2:30 pm EST: Materialize-led livestream, an intro to Materialize Cloud

2:30-3:00 pm EST: Redpanda-led live stream

3:00-4:00 pm EST: Livestream check-in – Showcase projects

4:00-4:30 pm EST: Content Break – Q\&A

4:30-5 pm EST: Closing – Showcase projects – What’s Next?


Jessica Laughlin
Jessica Laughlin Chief of Staff
Marta Paes
Marta Paes Developer Experience Team
Andreas Fuchs
Andreas Fuchs Engineering Team
Amy Chen
Amy Chen Partner Engineering, dbt
Patrick Angeles
Patrick Angeles Fast Data Hustler, Redpanda
Andy Hattemer
Andy Hattemer GTM Team

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