After a year of rapid growth, Materialize is bolstering its executive leadership by welcoming industry veteran Nate Stewart as CEO. Nate initially joined Cockroach Labs in its pre-revenue stage, where he spent 7 years leading their Product organization and 4 years serving on their board. While at Cockroach Labs, Nate had previously worked with Materialize co-founders Arjun Narayan and Nikhil Benesch before they left to start Materialize with researcher Frank McSherry. He joined Materialize’s board over a year ago as an independent board member before starting as CEO. As part of this change, current Materialize CEO Arjun Narayan remains on the board and transitions to a new role as VP of Engineering.

Nate had this to say about the change.

I’m honored to join Materialize as CEO and empower teams to deliver services that can be trusted to make split-second decisions based on live data. Arjun has created an incredible foundation: an operational data warehouse that offers the familiarity of SQL and powers it with high performance streaming technology. I’m joining to help Materialize scale and ultimately democratize real-time services. The systems we interact with and the experiences we have should reflect our dynamic world as it is in the moment, not as it was in the past.

This change is an important one for Materialize as we look to build on the customer successes of 2023. It will also enable Arjun to focus on building the engineering team to deliver a continued cadence of product updates. Commenting on the change, Arjun noted: “I’m incredibly excited to work with Nate to scale Materialize. As a member of our board of directors for the past year, Nate has been incredibly valuable to shaping Materialize’s strategy, and I’m excited to have him join full-time as CEO while I enjoy the opportunity to focus on our world-class engineering organization.”

We look forward to working closely with all of our current and future customers as we continue to make the Operational Data Warehouse a reality.

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