We’re excited to announce the release of Materialize v0.9! This version of Materialize has been in development for nearly two months, and is focused on hardening Materialize for production in addition to quality-of-life improvements. We invite you to continue reading to learn about our new functionalities, including exactly-once Kafka sinks, the ability to extract and use keys from Kafka messages, and improved decimal support.

Before we get into the details, we were glad to hear how excited you all were about Postgres sources! As a quick follow-up, this feature is now fully stable (ie. no longer under the experimental flag in 0.8) and also available in Materialize Cloud. For a how-to demo on Postgres sources, check out this on-demand webinar, in which engineer Petros Angelatos walks you through getting up and running with Materialize for Change Data Capture (CDC). As data changes in Postgres, you can wire it directly to Materialize to keep materialized views updated in real-time, which is useful to speed up queries in an overloaded database, or build event-driven applications.

Exactly-Once Sinks

Materialize now supports exactly-once semantics for Kafka sinks, allowing you to pick up processing where you left off after a restart without sacrificing correctness or causing disruption to downstream consumers. How does it work, in practice? When creating a sink, you can set the reuse_topic option as true. This feature has been under development for 6 months and comes as a result of recurring conversations with our users.

For the full feed of updates, including upcoming changes, see the Materialize changelog in docs and the Stable Releases. You can install Materialize today here!

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