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CI/CD workflows for dbt+Materialize

Mar 23, 2023

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About the Demo

Remember how you used to test SQL changes in production? Inspired by Slim CI in dbt Cloud, we’ve been working on tooling to make dbt deployments more ergonomic in Materialize, from project linting to spinning up testing environments.

In this demo, we’ll walk through setting up a CI/CD workflow for a dbt+Materialize project using GitHub Actions, and discuss the unique challenges of automating tests and deployments against a streaming database.

Topics Covered

  1. dbt+Materialize intro
  2. Building a basic CI/CD workflow
  3. Working with state and defer
  4. What’s next? 👀

Time and Date

Register to join us online on Thursday, March 23 at 11am ET. If you can’t make the time, we’ll send the recording and material to everyone after the event.


Marta Paes
Marta Paes Developer Experience Team

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