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Data Products and Decentralized Data Teams with Materialize

May 11, 2023

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About the Demo

Challenges scaling data teams are real, so why does it seem like real examples of “data mesh” and “data products” are so rare in the wild? In this talk, we’re going to try to tease out the good ideas in these patterns and figure out how we can move incrementally towards solving our data team bottlenecks, and how a platform such as Materialize can help us to move towards solutions without a massive upheaval.

Topics Covered

  1. What are decentralized data teams and data products?
  2. What are some incremental practical steps we can take towards those patterns?
  3. Design Pattern: Materialized Views As Data Products
  4. Design Pattern: Postgres as an API, dbt as a data contract
  5. Updates on RBAC as a necessary security control

Time and Date

Register to join us online on Thursday, May 11 at 11am ET. If you can’t make the time, we’ll send the recording and material to everyone after the event.

About the Presenter

Josh brings years of experience running Materialize in production at scale as the former VP of Data at Datalot/Centerfield. There, he architected data platforms powering real-time pricing and monitoring of the business’s high-volume insurance lead marketplace. Today, Josh partners with large customers to help them plan and build reliable and performant data products on Materialize.


Josh Arenberg
Josh Arenberg Field Engineering Team

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