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Materialize + dbt: From Streaming Analytics to Continuous Testing

Jul 21, 2022

About the Meetup

Join Anna Glander from the Developer Experience team on July 21st at 2pm ET for a live session and Q&A on using Materialize + dbt to do continuous testing.

Together with the dbt community, we’ve worked on an adapter that allows you to transform your streaming data in real-time using Materialize as your data warehouse. What does this mean in practice? The first time you run a dbt model on top of Materialize… well, you never have to run it again! No matter how much or how frequently your data arrives, your model will stay up to date. No matter when you query your view, it will always return a fresh answer. This even extends to the tests you define within your model – run dbt test once and get notified about failures as they happen.

Excited? Skeptical? Cautiously optimistic? Join us to see it for yourself as we walk you through a demo! We’ll make sure to leave time for Q&A.


Anna Glander
Anna GlanderSenior Developer Experience Engineer
Andy Hattemer
Andy HattemerGTM

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