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The next generation of Materialize , an Overview

Oct 13, 2022

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About the Meetup

Join Andy Hattemer and Joaquin Colacci from our Developer Experience team on October 13th at 2pm ET for a technical overview on the new Materialize.

Topics Covered

  • Availability as a fully-managed cloud-native software-as-a-service platform

  • Elastic storage (AWS S3), separated from compute increases scalability and availability while reducing costs

  • Strict-serializability eliminates stale data and enables strong consistency guarantees

  • Horizontal scalability leveragesTimely Dataflow to let users handle large, fast-scaling workloads

  • Active replication enables users to spin up multiple clusters with the same workload for high-availability

  • Workload isolation enables users to spin up multiple clusters with different workloads while still leveraging shared elastic-storage, enabling collaboration without worrying about interference


Andy Hattemer
Andy Hattemer GTM Team
Joaquin Colacci
Joaquin Colacci Developer Experience Team

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