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Introduction to the Operational Data Warehouse

Sep 20, 2023 - 15:00 ET

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About the Webinar

What is an Operational Data Warehouse? Who needs one? How does it compare to analytical data warehouses? And most importantly: What is it useful for? How are data teams at companies like Ramp, Pluralsight and General Mills, adding value to their business and gaining a competitive edge with it?

This presentation seeks to answer those questions and others you may have about Operational Data Warehouses, Materialize, and the new data products teams can build with it.


Today’s businesses are starting to put their data to work in new operational workloads: Business Automation, Risk/Opportunity Detection, Customer-Facing Features and more.

But analytical warehouses are too slow and costly for this kind of work, and stream processors and microservices are too complex.

That’s why we’ve built Materialize to take the best parts of both, to function uniquely well as an operational data warehouse. It’s the same SQL, same workflows, same architecture as an analytical data warehouse, but with a push computation model instead of pull. Your data is always up-to-date, always consistent, and always immediately accessible, so you can build real-time business automation, engaging customer experiences, and new operational data products that drive value for your business.


Arjun Narayan

Arjun Narayan

VP of Engineering

Arjun cofounded Materialize, coming from database-building experience as an early engineer at Cockroach Labs and through his Ph.D in distributed systems, security, privacy and scalability from the University of Pennsylvania.

Frank McSherry

Frank McSherry

Chief Scientist

Frank was previously at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley where he co-invented Differential Privacy, and subsequently led the Naiad project. Frank holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Washington.

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