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The Streaming Database for Real-Time Analytics

The simplicity of SQL queries, but with millisecond-level latency for real-time data. That is Materialize, the only true SQL streaming database for building internal tools, interactive dashboards, and customer-facing experiences.

We are not "disrupting" or changing the behaviors of the world's population, but instead building something that works in a space where most products simply do not. Our work builds on top of Timely Dataflow and Differential Dataflow, both created by our co-founder Frank McSherry.

Leadership Team

  • Arjun Narayan

    Arjun Narayan


    Arjun was previously an engineer at Cockroach Labs. Arjun holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. He spends his weekends making Lego rockets and explosion sounds with his 3-year old son.

  • Frank McSherry

    Frank McSherry


    Frank was previously at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley where he co-invented Differential Privacy, and subsequently led the Naiad project. Frank holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Washington.

  • Nikhil Benesch

    Nikhil Benesch


    Nikhil is the Chief Technology Officer at Materialize. He previously worked on the replication engine for CockroachDB. He has an A.B. in Computer Science from Harvard, where he did research on streaming dataflow systems.

  • Brent Heeringa

    Brent Heeringa


    Brent was previously Associate Professor and Chair of Computer Science at Williams College; he co-founded Valt in 2017, which was acquired by Dropbox in 2019; at Dropbox Brent built Dropbox Passwords and later led engineering for New Products; he has a PhD in CS from the University of Massachusetts.

  • Anthony Fears

    Anthony Fears


    Anthony began his HR/People career in global retail and hospitality with brands like Nordstrom and Starbucks. He then turned to leading the People function at high growth startups including Managed by Q (acquired by WeWork) and, most recently, Industrious – the largest premium workplace-as-a-service provider.

  • Tim Satterwhite

    Tim Satterwhite


    Tim was previously the Chief Growth Officer at Terminus where he lead the Sales, Marketing and Customers Success functions globally. Prior to that he was SVP of Revenue at Braze helping to scale the company across all segments of business.

Materialize Employees

  • Alexander Alexandrov

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Aljoscha Krettek

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Andreas Fuchs

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Andy Hattemer

    VP of Developer Marketing

  • Bobby Iliev

    Developer Experience Engineer

  • Brennan Vincent

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Cara Haas

    Engineering Manager

  • Charles Bernoskie

    Account Executive

  • Charles Horner

    Head of Operations

  • Dan Harrison

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Dennis Hume

    Senior Developer Experience Engineer

  • Gus Wynn

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Gábor Etele Gévay

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Hannah Burak

    Product Manager

  • Jan Teske

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Jeannette Pepin

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Jessica Laughlin

    Product Manager

  • Joaquin Colacci

    Developer Experience Engineer

  • Joe Koshakow

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Leslie Denson

    Director of Growth Marketing

  • Lukas Humbel

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Marcos Antonio Vaz Salles

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Marta Paes

    Head of Developer Experience

  • Matt Jibson

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Moritz Hoffmann

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Petros Angelatos

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Philip Stoev

    Software Engineer in Test

  • Rahul Dudheria

    Head of Marketing Operations

  • Rami Chowdhury

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Rocco Scartelli

    Business Operations and Strategy Manager

  • Sean Loiselle

    Member of Technical Staff

  • Seth Wiesman

    Director of Field Engineering

  • Ufuk Celebi

    Engineering Director

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