dbt adapter: model contracts, new configuration for tests, and more!

Oct 13, 2023

dbt is the most popular tool to manage Materialize deployments in production (along with Terraform), and we do our best to keep our adapter in sync with any new features landing in dbt-core! With dbt-materialize v1.6.0 freshly released, here are a few 🔥 improvements that can elevate your data deployments.

Model contracts

You can now enforce model contracts for view, materializedview and table materializations to guarantee that there are no surprise breakages to your pipelines when the shape of the data changes.

# Enforce a contract by using the new `contract` config. This requires that all
# columns in the model are listed with the respective name and data_type.
  - name: on_time_bids
    description: On time auction bids
          enforced: true
      - name: auction_id
        description: ID of the auction
        data_type: bigint
  - name: amount
        description: Bid amount
        data_type: int
# If there is a mismatch between the defined contract and the model you’re trying
# to compile, dbt will fail during compilation!
16:37:58    | column_name | definition_type | contract_type | mismatch_reason     |
16:37:58    | ----------- | --------------- | ------------- | ------------------- |
16:37:58    | bid_id      | LONGINTEGER     |               | missing in contract |
16:37:58    | amount      | TEXT            | INTEGER       | data type mismatch  |

As a side note: Materialize does not have a notion of constraints, so model- and column-level constraints are not supported.

Cluster configuration for tests

A small but mighty change: you can now configure a target cluster to run your tests against (for both one-shot and continuous testing). This means that it’s possible to configure your models to run against a specific cluster (i.e. dedicated compute resources), and ensure that tests don’t impact the performance of your data warehouse by configuring them to use a different cluster.

      +store_failures: true # this is optional (and called "continuous testing")
      +schema: 'dbt_test_schema'
      +cluster: 'dbt_test_cluster'

New materialization name, same materialized views

The latest release of dbt-core has introduced support for materialized views for multiple data warehouses via the new materialized_view materialization. Now, if you’ve been following Materialize, you’ll know that we’ve always supported incrementally updated materialized views via the custom materializedview materialization. Our materialized views are still special, and nothing really changes; we’re just adjusting the name for consistency.


{{ config( materialized = 'materialized_view' )}}


{{ config( materialized = 'materializedview' )}}

The deprecated materialization name will be removed in a future release of the adapter, so we encourage you to tweak any relevant models with this upgrade!

Query cancellation

Last but not least, we patched a long-running pet peeve that prevented query cancellation in the adapter. All you have to do now is press Ctrl+C, and any outstanding queries will be ☠️.

To upgrade to the latest version of the dbt-materialize adapter (v1.6.0), run pip install --upgrade dbt-materialize, and take a peek at the full changelog. If it’s your first time hearing about dbt + Materialize for real-time data wrangling, head over to our documentation for an intro.

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