Configurable defaults for configuration parameters

Feb 8, 2024

There are details in your Materialize development workflow that you shouldn’t have to remember: the namespace or cluster you connect to by default is one of them.

To save you the hassle, it’s now possible to configure defaults for configuration parameters for a role using the new ALTER ROLE...SET command. This also allows you to ensure that external tools that connect to Materialize using non-native connectors use the right connection parameters!

-- Say an admin configured the default cluster for **all** users to be
-- queries_brr.
SHOW cluster;


-- As a forgetful dev, you can set your day-to-day development cluster to a
-- different default.
ALTER ROLE forgetful_dev SET cluster TO queries_dev;

-- Whenever you start a new SQL session (and only then!), you'll see that the
-- change was picked up.
SHOW cluster;


If you’re a superuser, you can modify these defaults globally using the ALTER SYSTEM...SET command.

-- Important things changed, and you don't want users connecting to queries_brr
-- by default anymore? Change it for everyone at once!
ALTER SYSTEM SET cluster TO queries_skrrtt;
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