Materialize CLI

Nov 3, 2023

We are releasing a command-line interface (CLI) for Materialize into the wild! The Materialize CLI (mz) is built to improve your day-to-day workflow for common environment management tasks, and gives you a programatic way to manage resources like regions, users, or secrets.

Feature highlights:

  • Profiles: manage and switch between multiple authentication profiles.
  • App passwords: create new, or list existing, app passwords.
  • Regions: enable, disable, list, or show your region’s connection details.
  • Users: add, remove, or list users in your organization.
  • Secrets: create secrets without leaving a trace in your logs.
  • SQL: quickly open a SQL session against your region.

Check the documentation for installation steps and all available commands. If you have any feedback, or just opinions about what mz should do but doesn’t, we’d love to hear about it!

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