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Simplify the development of real-time applications

Materialize easily processes complex analytics over streaming datasets – accelerating development of internal tools, interactive dashboards, and customer-facing experiences. We deliver incrementally-updated materialized views in ANSI Standard SQL.

Materialize is the only technology that can enable engineers to completely develop for streaming data in a powerful declarative language – PostgreSQL – instead of building microservices.

Materialize empowers anyone within a company to discover insights from real-time data, identify problems immediately, and take action in critical moments.

Standard SQL for Streaming Data

A common approach towards building streaming applications is to develop a series of custom microservices – which are often time-intensive, complicated, and ultimately brittle.

With Materialize, data engineering teams can move away from the endless development of microservices – and replace thousands of lines of Java with a few lines of SQL.

Materialize is the first and only streaming system capable of running the TPC-H decision support benchmark – a set of criteria originally developed for the world of batch data warehouses.

This standard includes support for complex joins – including complicated multiple-way joins across disparate data sources – previously unavailable in the world of streaming.

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Real-Time Data Visualizations

Connect to Materialize through an off-the-shelf business intelligence tool or create your own in-application dashboards. Accelerate dashboards so they are updated in milliseconds, not once a day. Reduce traffic load from application databases or business warehouses, or present dynamically updated dashboards to end-users. ANSI-standard SQL enables faster iteration cycles and knowledge sharing and creation of dashboards to users across the entire organization.

Live Alerts and Notifications

Get real-time alerts on critical business and operational events, with sub-second latencies. Receive notifications when values have exceeded threshold during a specified time window on high-volume, rapidly changing, and highly specific conditions. Develop services downstream based on streaming event-based decisions – including alerts, real-time risk modeling for financial services, instantaneous fraud detection, and live revenue projection and billing.

Streaming Applications and Customer Data Platforms

Build streaming microservices with a few lines of SQL. Dynamic audience segmentation tools and real-time customer data platforms can create a better, more personalized customer experience. User-centric analytics powered by Materialize can create customer-specific predictions and recommendations. Combine multiple sources of customer data for a better view of the customer journey across channels, with applications in logistics, travel, gaming, marketing, e-commerce, and more.

Automated Services and Machine Learning

Build automated services downstream for immediate event-based actions. Power your feature store with real-time, continuously updated data. Establish and refine predictive models, machine learning programs, and automated processes. Create streaming models for financial risk analysis, fraud detection – or generate a recommendation engine within your next application.

Who uses Materialize?


The most common approach to building for streaming data – microservice development – is slow, complicated, and brittle. With Materialize, many of these services can be replaced with a few lines of SQL – saving developer time and refocusing efforts on more complex projects. 

Data Engineers

Materialize doesn’t require pre-processing of streaming data sets in order to get up and running, decreasing time spent maintaining data pipelines. Materialize presents as postgres for easy integration into downstream applications and is built for massive scale and high data throughput. 

Product Managers

Product managers are limited today by the time required to stand up a streaming data application. Materialize can significantly reduce time-to-market and can unlock new real-time feature sets that are based on complex joins. Materialize easily scales up and down for easy deployment into an application. 

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Materialize is source-available, free to download, and easy to install. We deliver incrementally-updated materialized views in ANSI Standard SQL.


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