Top K by group

Top K using a LATERAL subquery and LIMIT

Suppose you want to group rows in a table by some key, then filter out all but the first K elements within each group according to some ordering. In other databases, you might use window functions. In Materialize, we recommend using a LATERAL subquery. The general form of the query looks like this:

    (SELECT DISTINCT key_col FROM tbl) grp,
        SELECT col1, col2... FROM tbl
        WHERE key_col = grp.key_col
        ORDER BY order_col LIMIT k

For example, suppose you have a relation containing the population of various U.S. cities.

    name text NOT NULL,
    state text NOT NULL,
    pop int NOT NULL

    ('Los_Angeles', 'CA', 3979576),
    ('Phoenix', 'AZ', 1680992),
    ('Houston', 'TX', 2320268),
    ('San_Diego', 'CA', 1423851),
    ('San_Francisco', 'CA', 881549),
    ('New_York', 'NY', 8336817),
    ('Dallas', 'TX', 1343573),
    ('San_Antonio', 'TX', 1547253),
    ('San_Jose', 'CA', 1021795),
    ('Chicago', 'IL', 2695598),
    ('Austin', 'TX', 978908);

To fetch the three most populous cities in each state:

SELECT state, name FROM
    (SELECT DISTINCT state FROM cities) grp,
        SELECT name FROM cities
        WHERE state = grp.state
        ORDER BY pop DESC LIMIT 3
AZ  Phoenix
CA  Los_Angeles
CA  San_Diego
CA  San_Jose
IL  Chicago
NY  New_York
TX  Houston
TX  San_Antonio
TX  Dallas

Despite the verbosity of the above query, Materialize produces a straightforward plan:

EXPLAIN SELECT state, name FROM ...
%0 =
| Get materialize.public.cities (u1)
| TopK group=(#1) order=(#2 desc) limit=3 offset=0
| Project (#1, #0)

Top 1 using DISTINCT ON

If K = 1, i.e., you would like to see only the most populous city in each state, another approach is to use DISTINCT ON:

SELECT DISTINCT ON(state) state, name
FROM cities
ORDER BY state, pop DESC;

Note that the ORDER BY clause should start with the expressions that are in the DISTINCT ON.

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