Unsigned Integer types

uint2 info

Detail Info
Size 2 bytes
Catalog name mz_catalog.uint2
OID 16,460
Range [0, 65,535]

uint4 info

Detail Info
Size 4 bytes
Catalog name mz_catalog.uint4
OID 16,462
Range [0, 4,294,967,295]

uint8 info

Detail Info
Size 8 bytes
Catalog name mz_catalog.uint8
OID 14,464
Range [0, 18,446,744,073,709,551,615]


Valid casts

For details about casting, including contexts, see Functions: Cast.

Between unsigned integer types

From To Required context
uint2 uint4 Implicit
uint2 uint8 Implicit
uint4 uint2 Assignment
uint4 uint8 Implicit
uint8 uint2 Assignment
uint8 uint4 Assignment

From unsigned integer types

You can cast unsigned integer types to:

To Required context
numeric Implicit
real/double precision Implicit
text Assignment
smallint/integer/bigint Depends on specific cast

To uint4 or uint8

You can cast the following types to unsigned integer types:

From Required context
boolean (integer only) Explicit
jsonb Explicit
oid (integer and bigint only) Assignment
numeric Assignment
real/double precision Assignment
text Explicit
smallint/integer/bigint Depends on specific cast


SELECT 123::uint4 AS int_v;

SELECT 1.23::uint4 AS int_v;
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