Invite users

As an administrator of a Materialize organization, you can invite new users via the Materialize console. Depending on the level of access each user should have, you can assign them Organization Admin or Organization Member privileges.

These privileges primarily determine a user’s access level to the console, but also have implications in the default access level to the database. More granular permissions within the database must be handled separately using role-based access control (RBAC).

Step 1. Invite a new user

  1. Log in to the Materialize console.

  2. Navigate to Account > Account Settings > Users.

  3. Click Invite User and fill in the user information.

  4. Select Organization Admin or Organization Member depending on what level of console access the user needs:

    • Organization Admin: can perform adminstration tasks in the console, like inviting new users, editing account and security information, or managing billing. Admins have superuser privileges in the database.

    • Organization Member: can login to the console and has restricted access to the database, depending on the privileges defined via role-based access control (RBAC).

  5. Click the Invite button at the bottom right section of the screen.

    Materialize will email the user with a verification link. The user will verify their email and create a password for their account. The user will then be able to login to the Materialize console.

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