Materialize mimics SQL standard’s namespace hierarchy, which is:

  • Databases (highest level)
  • Schemas
  • Tables, views, sources
  • Columns (lowest level)

Each layer in the hierarchy can contain elements directly beneath it. For example, databases can contain schemas.


Reaching namespaces

Namespaces are specified using a format like parent.child.

For example, in a situation where a statement expects a source name, you could use:

  • schema.source to reach a source in another schema
  • database.schema.source to reach a source in another database.

Database details

  • Unlike PostgreSQL, Materialize allows cross-database queries.
  • By default, Materialize instances have a database named materialize.
  • By default, each database has a schema called public.
  • You can specify which database you connect to either when you connect (e.g. psql -d my_db ...) or within SQL using SET (e.g. SET DATABASE = my_db).
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