Free trial FAQs

When you sign up for Materialize, you get a free trial account so you can explore the product and start building! This page answers some frequently asked questions about free trials.

What are the limits of a free trial?

In Materialize, clusters are the pools of compute resources for running your workloads. The size and replication factor of each cluster determines its credit usage.

During your free trial, the credit consumption rate across all clusters in a region cannot exceed 4 credits per hour at any point in time. This limit should accommodate most trial scenarios.

For example, let’s say you have 3 clusters in a region:

Cluster Size Replication factor Credits per hour
ingest 2xsmall 1 0.5
compute 2xsmall 2 1 (0.5 each)
default 2xsmall 1 0.5

In this case, your credit consumption rate would be 2 credits per hour, which is under the rate limit of 4 credits per hour.

How long does a free trial last?

14 days.

If you need additional time, please chat with our team. Otherwise, Materialize will delete your resources and data at the end of the trial period.

How do I monitor my credit consumption rate?

To see your current credit consumption rate, measured in credits per hour, run the following query:

SELECT sum(s.credits_per_hour) AS credit_consumption_rate
  FROM mz_cluster_replicas r
  JOIN mz_internal.mz_cluster_replica_sizes s ON r.size = s.size;

For example, if you start your free trial with the getting started guide, you’ll end up consuming credits at a rate of 3.5 per hour:

(1 row)

Can I go over the credit rate limit?

No, you cannot go over the rate limit of 4 credits per hour at any time during your free trial. If you try to add a replica that puts you over the limit, Materialize will return an error.

If you need additional resources during your trial, chat with our team.

How do I get help during my trial?

If you have questions about Materialize or need support, reach out to us in our Community Slack.

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