date type

date data expresses a date without a specified time.

Detail Info
Quick Syntax DATE '2007-02-01'
Size 1 byte
Catalog name
OID 1082
Min value 4714-11-24 BC
Max value 262143-12-31 AD
Resolution 1 day


DATE ' date_str T time_str + - tz_offset '
Field Use
date_str A string representing a date in Y-M-D, Y M-D, Y M D or YMD format.
time_str (NOP) A string representing a time of day in H:M:S.NS format.
tz_offset (NOP) The timezone’s distance, in hours, from UTC.


Valid casts

From date

You can cast date to:

To date

You can cast from the following types to date:

Valid operations

time data supports the following operations with other types.

Operation Computes
date + interval timestamp
date - interval timestamp
date + time timestamp
date - date interval


SELECT DATE '2007-02-01' AS date_v;
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