record type

A record is a tuple that can contain an arbitrary number of elements of any type.

Detail Info
Quick Syntax ROW($expr, ...)
Size Variable
Catalog name Unnameable


ROW ( expr , expr )


Record types can be used to represent nested data.

The fields of a record are named f1, f2, and so on. To access a field of a record, use the . operator. Note that you need to parenthesize the record expression to ensure that the . is interpreted as the field selection operator, rather than part of a database- or schema-qualified table name.

Catalog name

record is a named type in PostgreSQL (pg_catalog.record), but is currently an unnameable type in Materialize.

Valid casts

You can cast record to text by assignment.

You cannot cast from any other types to record.


SELECT ROW(1, 2) AS record;

SELECT record, (record).f2 FROM (SELECT ROW(1, 2) AS record);
record | f2
 (1,2)  |  2

Forgetting to parenthesize the record expression in a field selection operation will result in errors like the following

SELECT record.f2 FROM (SELECT ROW(1, 2) AS record);
ERROR:  column "record.f2" does not exist

as the expression record.f2 specifies a column named f2 from a table named record, rather than the field f2 from the record-typed column named record.

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