ALTER SECRET changes the contents of a secret. To rename a secret, see ALTER...RENAME.


Field Use
name The identifier of the secret you want to alter.
value The new value for the secret. The value expression may not reference any relations, and must be implicitly castable to bytea.


After an ALTER SECRET command is executed:

  • Future CREATE CONNECTION, CREATE SOURCE, and CREATE SINK commands will use the new value of the secret immediately.

  • Running sources and sinks that reference the secret will not immediately use the new value of the secret. Sources and sinks may cache the old secret value for several weeks.

    To force a running source or sink to refresh its secrets:

    • If the source or sink was created with the IN CLUSTER option, drop and recreate all replicas of the cluster hosting the source or sink.

      For a managed cluster:

      ALTER CLUSTER storage_cluster SET (REPLICATION FACTOR = 0);
      ALTER CLUSTER storage_cluster SET (REPLICATION FACTOR = 1);

      For an unmanaged cluster:

      DROP CLUSTER REPLICA storage_cluster.r1;
      CREATE CLUSTER REPLICA storage_cluster.r1 (SIZE = '<original size>');
    • If the source or sink was created with the SIZE option, use ALTER SOURCE or ALTER SINK to temporarily scale down the source and then scale it back to its original size. For example, if source s is currently running with size small:

      ALTER SOURCE src SET (SIZE = 'xsmall'); -- Any size that is not `small` will work.
      ALTER SOURCE src SET (SIZE = 'small');


ALTER SECRET upstash_kafka_ca_cert AS decode('c2VjcmV0Cg==', 'base64');


The privileges required to execute this statement are:

  • Ownership of the secret being altered.
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