csv_extract function

csv_extract returns individual component columns from a column containing a CSV file formatted as a string.


csv_extract ( num_csv_col , col_name )
Parameter Type Description
num_csv_col int The number of columns in the CSV string.
col_name string The name of the column containing the CSV string.

Return value

EXTRACT returns string columns.


Create a table where one column is in CSV format and insert some rows:

CREATE TABLE t (id int, data string);
  VALUES (1, 'some,data'), (2, 'more,data'), (3, 'also,data');

Extract the component columns from the table column which is a CSV string, sorted by column id:

SELECT csv.* FROM t, csv_extract(2, data) csv
  ORDER BY t.id;
 column1 | column2
 also    | data
 more    | data
 some    | data
(3 rows)
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