mz_timestamp type

mz_timestamp data expresses an internal timestamp.

mz_timestamp info

Detail Info
Size 8 bytes
Catalog name mz_catalog.mz_timestamp
OID 16552
Min value 0
Max value 18446744073709551615


  • This type is produced by mz_now().
  • In general this is an opaque type, designed to ease the use of mz_now() by making various timestamp types castable to it.

Valid casts

For details about casting, including contexts, see Functions: Cast.

Integer, numeric, and text casts must be in the form of milliseconds since the Unix epoch.

From To Required context
mz_timestamp text Assignment
text mz_timestamp Assignment
uint4 mz_timestamp Implicit
uint8 mz_timestamp Implicit
int4 mz_timestamp Implicit
int8 mz_timestamp Implicit
numeric mz_timestamp Implicit
timestamp mz_timestamp Implicit
timestamptz mz_timestamp Implicit

Valid operations

There are no supported operations or functions on mz_timestamp types.

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