mz_timestamp type

mz_timestamp data expresses an internal timestamp.

mz_timestamp info

Detail Info
Size 8 bytes
Catalog name mz_catalog.mz_timestamp
OID 16552
Min value 0
Max value 18446744073709551615


  • This type is produced by mz_now().
  • In general this is an opaque type, designed to ease the use of mz_now() by making various timestamp types castable to it.

Valid casts

For details about casting, including contexts, see Functions: Cast.

Integer and numeric casts must be in the form of milliseconds since the Unix epoch. Casting from text can be either also in the form of milliseconds since the Unix epoch or in a human-readable form that is the same as for the timestamptz type.

From To Required context
mz_timestamp text Assignment
mz_timestamp timestamp Assignment
mz_timestamp timestamptz Assignment
text mz_timestamp Assignment
uint4 mz_timestamp Implicit
uint8 mz_timestamp Implicit
int4 mz_timestamp Implicit
int8 mz_timestamp Implicit
interval mz_timestamp Implicit
numeric mz_timestamp Implicit
timestamp mz_timestamp Implicit
timestamptz mz_timestamp Implicit

Valid operations

There are no supported operations or functions on mz_timestamp types.

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