Create real-time dashboards with Metabase

You can use Metabase to create real-time dashboards based on the data maintained in Materialize.

Database connection details

To set up a connection from a Metabase instance to Materialize, use the native PostgreSQL database driver with the following parameters:

Field Value
Database type PostgreSQL
Host Materialize host name.
Port 6875
Database name materialize
Database username Materialize user.
Database password App-specific password.

If you require SSL/TLS encryption, you can configure the connection to use sslmode=require. For more details, check out the Metabase documentation.

Refresh rate

By default, the lowest refresh rate for Metabase dashboards is 1 minute. You can manually set this to a lower interval by adding #refresh=1 (as an example, for a 1 second interval) to the end of the URL, and opening the modified URL in a new tab.

Because Metabase queries are simply reading data out of self-updating views in Materialize, setting your dashboards to auto-refresh at lower rates will not have a significant impact on database performance.

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