mz secret

The mz secret command manages secrets in a region.


Create a new secret.

mz secret create <NAME> [options...]

The secret’s value is read from the standard input stream.

By default, the command returns an error if a secret with the provided name already exists. Pass --force to instead update the existing secret with the new value, if it exists.

NOTE: Using this command is preferred to executing CREATE SECRET directly, as it avoids leaving the secret’s value in your shell history.


Flag Environment variables Description
<NAME> Required. The name of the secret.
--database=<DATABASE> The database in which to create the secret.
Default: materialize.
--schema=<SCHEMA> The schema in which to create the secret.
Default: the first schema in the user’s default search_path.
--force Overwrite the existing value of the secret, if it exists.
--profile=<PROFILE> MZ_PROFILE Use the specified authentication profile.

Global arguments

Argument Environment variables Description
‑‑config MZ_CONFIG Set the configuration file.
Default: $HOME/.config/materialize/mz.toml.
‑f, ‑‑format MZ_FORMAT Set the output format: text , json, or csv.
Default: text.
‑‑no‑color NO_COLOR, MZ_NO_COLOR Disable color output.
‑‑help Display help and exit.
‑‑version Display version and exit.
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