ALTER CONNECTION rotates the key pairs associated with an SSH tunnel connection.


Field Use
name The identifier of the connection you want to alter.


The ROTATE KEYS command can be used to change the key pairs associated with an SSH tunnel connection without causing downtime.

Each SSH tunnel connection is associated with two key pairs. The public keys for the key pairs are announced in the mz_ssh_tunnel_connections system table in the public_key_1 and public_key_2 columns.

Upon executing the ROTATE KEYS command, Materialize deletes the first key pair, promotes the second key pair to the first key pair, and generates a new second key pair. The connection’s row in mz_ssh_tunnel_connections is updated accordingly: the public_key_1 column will contain the public key that was formely in the public_key_2 column, and the public_key_2 column will contain a new public key.

After executing ROTATE KEYS, you should update your SSH bastion server with the new public keys:

  • Remove the public key that was formely in the public_key_1 column.
  • Add the new public key from the public_key_2 column.

Throughout the entire process, the SSH bastion server is configured to permit authentication from at least one of the keys that Materialize will authenticate with, so Materialize’s ability to connect is never interrupted.

You must take care to update the SSH bastion server with the new keys after every execution of the ROTATE KEYS command. If you rotate keys twice in succession without adding the new keys to the bastion server, Materialize will be unable to authenticate with the bastion server.


The privileges required to execute this statement are:

  • Ownership of the connection.
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