You can use Looker to create dashboards based on the data maintained in Materialize.

Database connection details

To set up a connection from Looker to Materialize, use the native PostgreSQL 9.5+ database dialect with the following parameters:

Field Value
Dialect PostgreSQL 9.5+.
Host Materialize host name.
Port 6875
Database materialize
Schema public
Database username Materialize user.
Database password App-specific password.

Connect using the credentials provided in the Materialize console

Configure a custom cluster

To configure a custom Materialize cluster, follow these steps:

  • Edit the Materialize connection.

  • Expand the ‘Additional Settings’ section.

  • In the ‘Additional JDBC parameters’ section, input:


    Make sure to replace <cluster_name> with the actual name of your cluster.

Known limitations

When you connect to Materialize from Looker and try to test the connection, you might see the following error:

Test kill: Cannot cancel queries: Query could not be found in database.

This is a known issue with Looker and is tracked here.

You can safely ignore this error.

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