Troubleshooting sinks

Why isn’t my sink exporting data?

First, look for errors in mz_sink_statuses:

SELECT * FROM mz_internal.mz_sink_statuses

If your sink reports a status of stalled or failed, you likely have a configuration issue. The returned error field will provide details.

If your sink reports a status of starting for more than a few minutes, contact support.

How do I monitor sink ingestion progress?

Repeatedly query the mz_sink_statistics table and look for ingestion statistics that advance over time:

FROM mz_internal.mz_sink_statistics

(You can also look at statistics for individual worker threads to evaluate whether ingestion progress is skewed, but it’s generally simplest to start by looking at the aggregate statistics for the whole source.)

The messages_staged and bytes_staged statistics should roughly correspond with what materialize has written (but not necessarily committed) to the external service. For example, the bytes_staged and messages_staged fields for a Kafka sink should roughly correspond with how many messages materialize has written to the Kafka topic, and how big they are (including the key), but the Kafka transaction for those messages might not have been committed yet.

messages_committed and bytes_committed correspond to the number of messages committed to the external service. These numbers can be smaller than the *_staged statistics, because Materialize might fail to write transactions and retry them.

If any of these statistics are not making progress, your sink might be stalled or need to be scaled up.

If the *_staged statistics are making progress, but the *_committed ones are not, there may be a configuration issues with the external service that is preventing Materialize from committing transactions. Check the reason column in mz_sink_statuses, which can provide more information.

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