This guide walks you through the steps required to use the collaborative data notebook Deepnote with Materialize.

Step 1. Create an integration

  1. Sign in to Deepnote.
  2. Go to the Workspace integrations page.

    If you are inside a workspace, in the Menu, click Integrations

  3. Click in the + Add Integration button.
  4. Search and click the Materialize option.
  5. Enter the connection fields as follows:
    Field Value
    Integration name Materialize.
    Host name Materialize host name.
    Port 6875
    Username Materialize user.
    Password App-specific password.
    Database materialize
    Cluster Your preferred cluster.
  6. Click the Create Integration button.
  7. After a successful test, in the popup dialog, you can either select an existing project or create a new one to continue.

Step 2. Execute and visualize a query

  1. Create a new SQL block.

  2. Inside the block, select the new Materialize integration and paste the following query:

    FROM (
            power(series_number, 2) AS number,
                (ORDER BY series_number ASC, series_number DESC)
            AS row_num
        FROM (
            SELECT generate_series(0, 1000) AS series_number
        ) AS subquery

    This query generates a series of 1000 numbers squared and assigns row numbers to each.

  3. Click the Run Notebook button.

  4. Inside the block, click the Visualize button and configure as follows:

    1. In the Y Axis options, select the number column and set the aggregation to None.
    2. In the X Axis options, select the row_num column and set the aggregation to None.
    Deepnote guide

For more information about Deepnote and the integration, visit their documentation.

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