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How to connect Metabase to Materialize

You can use Metabase to create business intelligence dashboards using the real-time data streams in your Materialize instance.

Changed in v0.11.0: Materialize no longer requires a patched version of Metabase. Install the official release or use Metabase Cloud.

Database connection details

Use the following parameters to connect Metabase to your Materialize instance:

Field Enter…
Database type PostgreSQL
Name Materialize
Host The hostname of the machine running Materialize.
Use localhost if Metabase and Materialize are running on the same machine.
Port 6875
Database name Usually materialize.
Database username Usually materialize.
Database password Leave empty.

If your Materialize instance requires clients to authenticate with TLS, see the Metabase documentation about Securing database connections using an SSL certificate.

What’s missing?

WARNING! Materialize does not offer production-level support for Metabase.

Visualizing a table which contains a list or record column will fail (#9374, #9375).

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